From Photography to Philanthropy

Animal Lover Finds Reasons to Give Back

Beth Nilsson

Beth Nilsson, pictured in her WWF jacket, next to a glacier in Alaska.

Beth Nilsson is running out of space for her wildlife photographs. As a lifelong animal lover, she has images of bears and big cats displayed in her kitchen. She took these photos on trips around the world as a participant with Natural Habitat Adventures, travel partner of World Wildlife Fund.

While Beth treasures these images, she's equally passionate about the behind-the-scenes work that made these up-close encounters possible. "I learn so much about WWF during my travels," she explains. "Over the years, I've watched the organization grow and expand to address habitat encroachment, food concerns, ocean issues, deforestation, poaching, and more."

To help support these critical efforts, Beth has included WWF in her will and has established four charitable gift annuities. She notes that CGAs, which pay income, are easy to set up and beneficial for both WWF and the donor. "I don't have a million dollars to give," Beth says. "With CGAs, I can make a nice gift but still get a return on it."

Beth calls her gifts "a drop in the bucket," but she appreciates that many collective gifts together can make a big impact. "I feel like I'm part of the solution—a very small part, but a part," she says. "I feel good about that!"

Be Part of the Solution

Join Beth and WWF in our conservation and wildlife protection efforts. Contact Office of Gift Planning at 888-993-9455 or to explore which planned gift options can benefit you and support our mission, today and for years to come.