Plan for the Future

When you give to WWF from your will or estate plan, you can continue providing for your loved ones today while protecting wildlife and wild places for years to come. Your estate can change the world.

Download A Personal Record: Estate Planning You Can Do at Home to help you establish your legacy and see how your support builds a future in which people live in harmony with nature—surviving, and thriving, together.

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Please use the link below to download A Personal Record: Estate Planning You Can Do at Home. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at 888-993-9455 or with questions.

Lesson Book

Learn how to:

  • Set family goals and create a smart estate plan.
  • Share your charitable interests with others.
  • Call upon experts to finalize your legacy.

Record Book

A tool to help you:

  • Organize your assets and information in one place.
  • Calculate your estate's value.
  • Record and update your plan with your loved ones in mind.

Diane and Baer Charlton

"WWF is making hard decisions about how to protect the most critical places and species in the world. All of life is interconnected. We work locally while we are here, but we want our estate and legacy to work globally when we are gone."

—Diane and Baer Charlton, WWF Supporters