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A Gift That Gives Back

Enrich your retirement and the security of our planet with a gift that provides you payments for life.

With a charitable gift annuity:

  • You receive fixed, regular income for life.
  • You can provide income for someone you choose.
  • You may be eligible for a charitable tax deduction.
  • A portion of your income is tax-free throughout your life expectancy.
  • You'll create a meaningful legacy for our planet.

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Calculate Your Benefits

Calculate Your Benefits

Complete the form below to see our payments to you, your potential charitable deduction, and the estimated amount World Wildlife Fund will receive after your lifetime.


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*Benefits listed reflect quarterly payments and a % charitable midterm federal rate.

Thank you for your interest in supporting us with a charitable gift annuity. Please contact Office of Gift Planning at 888-993-9455 or with questions about making a gift to World Wildlife Fund.

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Watch: Charitable Gift Annuities Explained

Watch: Charitable Gift Annuities Explained

Beth Nilsson

Beth Nilsson, a current WWF charitable gift annuitant, calls her gift annuities “a drop in the bucket,” but she appreciates that many collective gifts together can make a big impact. “I feel like I’m part of the solution—a very small part, but a part,” she says. “I feel good about that!”