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See how others have shared their love of conservation.

Miriam Birch

Miriam Birch: From Save the Panda to Save the Planet

Miriam Birch, a former Hollywood actress and singer who once played a mermaid on TV, put the glitz and glamour aside to become a producer, writer, and director for conservation-focused documentaries.
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Dorothy Samson

Dorothy Samson: Adventure Seeker Protects Her Retirement and Mother Earth

From training dolphins in Hawaii to tracking lions in Africa to spending a week in the Serengeti among cheetahs, Dorothy Samson knows a thing or two about animals and their habitats. Yet her decades-long support of WWF extends beyond her love for wildlife and wild places.
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Dawn Critchley

Dawn Critchley: A Nurse's Legacy Extends Her Care to Mother Nature

Florida resident Dawn Critchley adores the small lake in her backyard. The lake is a constant reminder of nature’s beauty and fragility
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Dorothy Berman and Pat Binder

Dorothy Berman and Pat Binder: A Family’s Love for Animals Leads to a Legacy of Giving

Dorothy Berman’s headstone reads, “Mother. Wife. Animal Lover.” Her fondness for creatures big and small defined her life and, ultimately, became her legacy.
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Mark Hopkins Schell

Mark Hopkins Schell: A Legacy of Hope

World Wildlife Fund is pleased to announce a recent, generous bequest from Mark Hopkins Schell. It was Mark’s hope that his visionary gift would inspire others to support animal conservation and help build a brighter future and a better tomorrow for all creatures on Earth. In honor of his gift, we remember the life and vision of Mark Hopkins Schell.
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Beth Nilsson

Beth Nilsson: From Photography to Philanthropy

Beth Nilsson is running out of space for her wildlife photographs. As a lifelong animal lover, she has images of bears and big cats displayed in her kitchen. She took these photos on trips around the world as a participant with Natural Habitat Adventures, travel partner of World Wildlife Fund.
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Ann Greer

Ann Greer: Preserving Wildness in the World

Ann Greer has always been keenly interested in the natural world. Leaving a legacy gift to WWF makes her feel even more a part of the effort to protect it.
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Baer and Diane Charlton

Baer and Diane Charlton: Leaving a Global Legacy

To extend their passion for animals and the environment well beyond their lifetimes, Baer and Diane Charlton have designated WWF as the beneficiary of their estate.
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Sandra Goshgarian

Sandra Goshgarian: Taking Responsibility, Protecting Nature

When Sandra Goshgarian included WWF in her will, it started as a practical decision. As she becomes more involved in the work, her gift feels even more rewarding.
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Jeffery Morris

Jeffery Morris: Preserving the Natural World, Near and Far

From the bay in his own backyard to wild places around the globe, Jeffery Morris is committed to conservation. That commitment includes a legacy gift to WWF, which he finds to be a uniquely qualified partner in those efforts.
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Jan Eckhardt

Jan Eckhardt: Supporting Generations to Come

An environmental advocate ahead of her time, Jan Eckhardt is supporting WWF with a gift in her estate plan to sustain this urgent work.
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