Baer and Diane Charlton

Leaving a Global Legacy

Baer and Diane Charlton

To extend their passion for animals and the environment well beyond their lifetimes, Baer and Diane Charlton have designated WWF as the beneficiary of their estate.

For more than 20 years, Baer and Diane Charlton have worked with animal protection and environmental groups on the West Coast of the United States, where they reside. Both developed a deep appreciation for nature early in life, which has translated into a joint commitment to care for domestic and wild animals as well as their habitats.

While the couple is focused on giving back to their local and regional communities, they are also looking to the future. In doing so, they have designated WWF as the beneficiary of their estate.

"We work locally while we are here," says Baer, "but we want our estate and legacy to work globally when we are gone."

Baer first learned about WWF on a trip to Rwanda. After experiencing a close encounter with a mountain gorilla, Baer's guide gave him a small WWF pin to commemorate the moment. Moved to do more for the global animal kingdom, Baer turned to that pin and the organization behind it.

"WWF is making hard decisions about how to protect the most critical places and species in the world," Diane says. "All of life is interconnected. When habitats are preserved, animals flourish."

Concerned with the long-term survival of Earth and the many animals that live in its diverse landscapes, Baer and Diane are looking to WWF to carry forward the work they are so passionate about.

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